Guns in America


The horror of Gun violence in America continues.  Even in the UK we have been subject to the views of the NRA on our TV screens and radio, and it should be said the viewpoints seem absolutely incomprehensible to Brits given the scale of the latest violence and the innocent deaths that happen year after year.

This time a single man (I won’t name him) without any apparent motive decided to wreak chaos and violence on an unaware, and innocent populace, who were gathered together to dance, and celebrate life, and instead became victims of the worst mass shooting in American history.  It was only last year that the previous worst mass shooting in American history took place in Orlando, killing 49, and injuring 58.

This crime seems to lack any clear motive at this stage.  But, what is perfectly apparent is that the crime was motivated by a hatred of humanity, and was facilitated by having access to firearms not used for defence, but offence, made to be fired haphazardly at large groups of people, and the consequences are horrific.

59 Killed and more than 500 injured.  For anybody to be brazen enough to conflate the right to buy arms, with the right to buy multiple machines of horrific mass destruction, is beyond comprehension.  This was a mass destruction. Of innocent human life, both of the immediate victims, and the web of lives that surrounded them, of their friends and families.  The gun lobbyists are grotesque amoral characters with an eye on profit to be made, or else they are simply fucking imbecilic.  Enough talking.  Something has to change or the same thing will happen next year, and the year after that.

The figures speak for themselves.


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