How to Wake Up a Brain…

I didn’t want to speak to anybody at all today…So of course I had a meeting all day, with a visitor who was an organiser for the Union in the South of England.  I’m not sure why she was there, and if I’m honest I was incapable of caring.  My head felt like an enormous bubble on my neck, or a helium balloon, just floating, with nothing inside the bubble, held in place certainly, but incapable of much other than floating.  After all, what does a balloon think about?  I’m still putting it down to nicotine withdrawal messing around with my delicate brain chemicals.

I have noted that one thing that seems to kick-start my brain again, is mental effort, so I got Duolingo out.  I am using it to learn German and French.  It is a free language app. I started a public group, called T and L’s secret group for a bit of a joke really, but now all these other people have joined and it has got a little competitive.  I know it isn’t much, but if it works it works.  Anyway, these sad scraps of string are what hold ones helium head on ones shoulders, I’m afraid…

…Whatever works, right?

Let me know what wakes your brains up.  I’ll try what you suggest and write about it.


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