Brain Slump Energy Slump- How do you Use your Brain?

I am writing today, because I haven't written for a while, and I'm very conscious of being in a brain slump energy slump. I think this is due to nicotine withdrawal, and not down to my illness, though the two things feel markedly similar, and it is entirely possible that the nicotine withdrawal is hitting... Continue Reading →


Yogic Epiphanies

I had to put a pause on all of my new fitness activities for a few weeks, as I had a chest infection that wouldn't quit, but one class I did manage was the yoga class that I have attended for the last three weeks.  I started doing yoga when I realised that I didn't... Continue Reading →

Guns in America

  The horror of Gun violence in America continues.  Even in the UK we have been subject to the views of the NRA on our TV screens and radio, and it should be said the viewpoints seem absolutely incomprehensible to Brits given the scale of the latest violence and the innocent deaths that happen year... Continue Reading →

Boxing I

I'm not sure I should include boxing in a blog about mental health.  After attending a training session this evening I was told by my psychologist friend that due to a quirk of evolution the brain moves about too much when you get punched in the head (as you tend to do in a boxing... Continue Reading →

Brazilian Jujitsu II

I went to my third Brazilian Jujitsu class on Thursday.  I have my first slightly black eye, of which I feel clownishly proud.  I think I learned a head and arm choke which from my research after the class is also called Kata Gatame.  I also learned that there is no part of me that... Continue Reading →

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